Child in a Halloween costume holding a bucket of candy.

Our Dentists Share Their Best Advice for Dealing with Halloween Treats

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Here at Woodhill Dental Specialties, we know Halloween can be a great time for dressing up, spending time with friends, and collecting candy. Once all the candy is gathered, it’s important to consider the effects of sweet treats on your oral hygiene. There are harmful bacteria in our mouths that love sugar, and we want to help promote ways to make this Halloween a little healthier for your teeth! Here’s our best advice for keeping smiles healthy this Halloween.

Prioritize Brushing and Flossing

We’re dentists––we think brushing and flossing should always be a priority. But especially during Halloween, it’s important to emphasize that the trade-off for getting to eat a bag of gummies after dinner is having to brush your teeth a little bit longer than usual afterwards. The best time to have candy is immediately after a mealtime, when saliva production is higher. Saliva works to dilute sugar and wash it away from teeth. It’s important to remember that the bacteria responsible for causing cavities likes to eat sugar, which is why it’s important to clean the fronts, backs, and chewing surfaces of teeth extra well after having sweet treats.

Be Cautious With Braces

You might think that just one day isn’t going to do any harm, but you’d be surprised––one of the most common reasons we see brackets come off of teeth is because patients are eating foods they shouldn’t. Avoid sticky candies and caramel; hard candy or any candy that’s difficult to bite into. Even if these candies don’t cause damage to braces, they’re difficult to remove from brackets and wires, creating the perfect environment for bacteria to build up.

Participate in a Halloween Candy Sweet Swap

Some kids get more Halloween candy than they can reasonably eat––or maybe you just want to get it out of the house ASAP. Our office is collecting Halloween candy through our Sweet Swap program. In exchange for your Halloween candy, we’ll give your child a small gift. We’ll also be keeping track to see which local school brings us the most candy donations. The winning school will receive a $500 donation from our office to use however they’d like.

Donate Your Candy

Woodhill Dental Specialties is collecting candy Friday, November 1st and Monday, November 4th. Make your donation by visiting our office at 8355 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 100, in Dallas, TX. We hope you have a healthy and happy Halloween!