Our Orthodontics Philosophy

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At Woodhill Dental Specialties, we have adopted our philosophy of orthodontics treatment to be proactive and cutting edge, yet conservative in not overtreating anyone. The basic thoughts are summarized in the three following sections: Early treatment, Extraction of permanent teeth, and Esthetics.

Early Treatment

Early intervention can minimize the amount of orthodontic treatment a patient may require, and it is particularly important when there are significant functional or psychosocial issues to address. Our philosophy for the past 20 years is to limit treatment to those situations where your child has functional issues that are more appropriately addressed before the eruption of all the permanent teeth. Also given consideration is your child’s self esteem and self-confidence as it relates to their smile.

We encourage early treatments for crossbites where the upper back teeth fit inside the lower back teeth, and overbites where the front upper teeth overlap and cover the front bottom teeth, and for any esthetic reason that may improve the way your child feels about their smile.

Extraction of Permanent Teeth

We only recommend extractions when there are significant crowding problems that cannot be resolved in any other way or if maintaining all the teeth negatively affects facial proportions. Even then, we will select the minimal number of teeth necessary so we can maintain the long-term health of your teeth.

Wisdom teeth are the most common extractions we recommend, and any other extractions are only recommended when we believe that facial and dental esthetics will be enhanced or maintained.


A healthy and youthful smile can be accomplished when the teeth are parallel to the curvature of the lower lip when you smile, and the smile line is established within structural (skeletal) limits. In general, we strive to straighten the teeth while maintaining a natural, pleasing appearance.

However, esthetics is very personal, which is why we seek input from the patent or the parents as we try to optimize dental and facial appearances. Every patient is different, with a unique set of circumstances and desires, which is why ever treatment we offer is individualized to match the patients’ needs.

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