Woodhill Dental Specialties Visits Elementary Schools

Woodhill Dental Specialties School Visits for Children’s Dental Health Month

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We love seeing your children’s smiling faces in our office, but we look forward to Children’s Dental Health Month every February because it gives us the opportunity to see them at their schools too! Our patients also get a kick out of seeing us “in the wild,” so to speak, and it gives us the opportunity to practice one of the most important aspects of pediatric dentistry: education.

This year, we were privileged to visit the following Dallas area schools:

  • Westminster Preschool and Kindergarten – Dallas, TX
  • Wesley Prep – Dallas, TX
  • Incarnation Academy – Dallas, TX
  • Jubilee Junction – Richardson, TX
  • Merriman Park Elementary (Richardson ISD) – Dallas, TX
  • Spring Creek Elementary (Richardson ISD) – Dallas, TX
  • Springer Elementary (Rockwall ISD) – Rockwall, TX
  • Rochelle Elementary (Rockwall ISD) – Rockwall, TX
  • Hays Elementary (Rockwall ISD) – Rockwall, TX

(Is your school missing from the list? Contact us to learn more about how to arrange for a visit for next year’s Children’s Dental Health Month.)

We’re not afraid to get silly during our school visits—we are pediatric dentists, after all, and it’s kind of what we do—but we tackled some serious topics too. During our visits, we talk to kids about:

  • The importance of proper oral care starting at a young age. This lays the foundation for a lifetime of good dental health.
  • The proper technique for brushing teeth—ask your child to show you! (Hint: It involves brushing in a circular motion.)
  • The importance of flossing once a day, how to floss using a pick flosser, and why it’s important to get help from mom and dad.
  • Why the number two is so important for the health of our teeth: brushing for two minutes, two times a day, and visiting the dentist twice a year. 

Then comes the most fun part—letting kids practice their brushing skills on Tom and Jeff, our friendly stuffed bears!

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