Providing Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics To The Dallas Metroplex Since 1949

Woodhill Dental Specialties exists to provide patients with both innovative and time-tested dental solutions, guiding them toward a more beautiful smile and a lifetime of excellent oral health.

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Since 1949, Woodhill Dental Specialties has led the way in pioneering dental techniques and technology. For over 70 years, we’ve applied those techniques and technologies in truly relational ways, using them to guide thousands of patients to healthier, more beautiful smiles.
Dr. Tujios, Dr. Norbo, Dr. Johnson, and Dr. Schroeder work together to provide exceptional care to each patient who comes through the door. We don't just install braces or clean teeth. We provide education to guide you through your dental treatment toward a lifetime of great oral health!
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Pediatric Dentistry

We prioritize engagement and entertainment, especially for our young patients, because we think that's key to achieving a lifetime of excellent oral health.

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Orthodontics For Children

Early treatment can often make orthodontics easier, more comfortable, and more efficient for children and young teens. Learn more about 2-phase treatment.

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Orthodontics For Adults

You’re never too old to get the smile or function that you really want. From Invisalign to clear ceramic braces to lingual braces behind your teeth, you have several aesthetic options!

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Dr. Aleco Tujios

Dr. Tujios is one of two master's degree-level doctors at Woodhill Dental Specialties. He became a pediatric dentist to provide exceptional care to families while maintaining a comfortable and entertaining environment. The goal is to make it fun for patients to encourage them to return. 

Staying on the cutting edge of current techniques and developments allows Dr. Tujios to provide state-of-the-art, esthetic, and functional care to patients. Education is central to his philosophy that oral hygiene habits established at an early age lead patients on a path to better oral health and excellent overall health.

Meet Dr. Tujios

Dr. Kate Norbo

Dr. Norbo grew up in a family of seven dentists and two dental hygienists. She found pediatric dentistry allowed her to build long-term patient and family relationships and establish proper oral hygiene habits at an early age. 

Dr. Norbo believes in providing a comfortable environment where every child feels excited about their role in maintaining a healthy smile. Whenever possible, she keeps up with the rapidly evolving techniques and innovative technology in dentistry through continuing education courses and pediatric dental journals.

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Dr. Jeffrey G. Johnson

Dr. Johnson was drawn to orthodontics because of the prospect of enhancing patients' smiles to make a positive difference in their lives, something he finds very rewarding. Since then, he has committed to providing patients with the highest quality care possible by offering leading-edge orthodontic advances. 

Dr. Johnson strives to treat every patient with the friendly, unhurried care they deserve. He takes the time to explain everything to patients, so they are fully informed and confident with their care. In addition, he continues his master's degree education in dentistry through courses and assists industry leaders in developing new advances in orthodontics.

Meet Dr. Johnson

Dr. Byron Schroeder

Dr. Schroeder became fascinated by orthodontics during his own treatment in high school. He enjoys the aesthetic complexities and problem-solving skills that go into creating customized treatments for each patient. 

Dr. Schroeder's specialty of orthodontics blends art, physics, engineering, and biochemistry. This blend inspires him when creating customized orthodontic treatments for his patients. 

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