Preventative & Diagnostic Dentistry

Good habits to create a lifetime of great oral health

Keep Your Child's Smile Healthy

What’s the point of routine preventative dental visits?

1. Prevent Cavities

Our goal is to prevent your child from ever having cavities. Starting regular dental visits and cleanings at a young age can help us catch things early and intervene to prevent the onset of future problems. Utilizing sealants, fluoride, and personalizing your home care protocols all work towards the same goal, a healthy mouth for your child.

2. Monitor Oral Health, Growth & Development

Oral evaluations and digital/3-D imaging can help us determine if your child has or is developing dental issues such as decay, gum disease, extra teeth, tumors, cysts, or bone defects. Catching these issues early will allow your child's mouth and teeth to develop normally and prevent fewer issues down the road.

3. Teach/Reinforce Proper Hygiene Habits

At Woodhill Dental Specialties, we're not just dentists; we're educators. While providing preventive care, we will also teach your child how to brush and floss properly so they learn good oral hygiene habits they can use at home. Learning these habits early can lead to better oral health throughout their lifetime.

4. Minimize Orthodontic Issues

Every time we see your child, we look for possible orthodontic issues as well as dental ones. Early evaluation of these potential issues can make it easier to correct these issues before they get worse. Regular checkups will allow us to monitor your child's teeth and developing jaw and take the steps necessary to alleviate any issues early. In addition, having orthodontic specialists in the same office allows us to follow your child more closely and offer solutions to minimize orthodontic needs later.

Preventative & Diagnostic Dentistry Questions 

Everyone by one. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends we see your child at the age of their first tooth eruption or age of one, whichever comes first. The first visit has more to do with educating parents about what to expect down the road than cleaning and checking teeth for cavities., but we do that too.

During these exams, we will check the teeth for decay, flaws, or other damage. We will also check the neck, mouth, and head for any abnormalities. We will also evaluate your child for any orthodontic needs.

Our pediatric dentists and dental assistants are specifically trained in behavioral management techniques to reduce your child's anxiety. We have an extremely experienced team averaging more than a decade of dental experience per team member. We are masters in entertainment and distraction. You can assist us as well by reading stories about visiting the dentist before your visit. Please don’t try to explain the details; we’ll take care of that. We'll take time with your child and show off what we do in a fun way, so your child knows what to expect. Your child's safety and comfort are always our priority!

Dental sealants help keep your child's teeth safe from tooth decay. A safe resin material is applied to the surfaces of your child's teeth (usually the permanent molars) to prevent cavities. This sealant fills the crevices of a tooth and seals the tooth from food and plaque, which can cause cavities. The sealant is "painted" onto the tooth and hardens to seal the tooth. This is usually done in one visit. 

Thumbsucking and pacifiers can alter the shape of the upper jaw and palate and cause the teeth to become misaligned, leading to orthodontic issues such as overbites and crossbites. It's best to switch your child to an orthodontic pacifier at an early age and eventually break your child of these habits as soon as possible. Sometimes this can not be easy, we know, but there is hope. Even if changes have happened, we can take a look and talk it over. Often the solution to these changes can be straightforward. All we have to do is take a look and talk it over.

The short answer is yes. Every child has lip and tongue ties, but there can be a large variation to the degree they are tied. In most cases, everything is just fine. However, if another health professional suspects feeding issues associated with your child’s lip/tongue tie, we are happy to take a look for you and provide a consultation. In cases where surgical intervention is warranted, we provide several solutions that are both easy and comfortable.

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All About Preventative & Diagnostic Dentistry  

We all want our children to have beautiful smiles. One way to ensure that is with regular dental visits. These visits will include a thorough cleaning of your child's teeth, but it also includes other preventative measures. 

We will evaluate your child for any developmental abnormalities in the mouth, jaw, neck, and head. We will take dental x-rays to ensure your child's permanent teeth are developing properly. We can also provide fluoride treatment to protect your child from tooth decay further. Our goal is to set your child on a path to excellent, lifelong oral health!

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