Our Dental & Orthodontic Technology

Cutting-edge software and advanced 3D scanning to customize and optimize your treatment.

Innovative Treatment

What Technology Do We Use?

1. iTero® Digital Impressions

The iTero® Scanner creates detailed, 3D digital impressions of the dental arch. This allows us to create clear aligners or archwires that are customized for your unique mouth.

  • Quick, accurate “impression”
  • No gooey impression materials so…
  • No gagging
  • See your teeth on the computer screen

2. iCAT™ FLX V

The iCAT™ FLX V system provides digital x-rays with more detail and less radiation than traditional x-ray scanners. This green technology means no more printing of x-rays, which means no more film and chemicals!

3. SureSmile Software

This cutting-edge software system uses 3D scanning, treatment planning, and optimized archwire creation to make your treatment as efficient and effective as possible.

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4. SprintRay® 3D Digital Printer

We use the SprintRay® Pro 3D Digital Printer because it's one of the most advanced orthodontic printers in existence. It allows us to provide exceptional clear aligners and retainers with flexibility, minimal cost, and higher accuracy. 

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Two Offices, First-Rate Service

We've spent the last 72 years offering quality dental and orthodontic services in the Dallas, TX, area. Last year, we brought our pioneering spirit and advanced orthodontic technology to our newest office in Rockwall, TX. Whichever location you choose, you can expect the highest quality of care there.

We love to guide and teach, but we also like to have fun, and we want you to have fun, too! So we provide an entertainment room where you can play games on our iPads or game consoles, or you can sit back and relax to a TV show or movie while we take care of your teeth.

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