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Two state-of-the-art offices, same exceptional care

70+ Years and Counting

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Since 1949, Woodhill Dental Specialties has provided exceptional oral care in the Dallas, TX, area. Last year, we opened a second office in Rockwall, TX. Whichever office you choose, we'll welcome you into an entertaining, informative environment where your comfort and care are top priorities. 

Our practice has grown and thrived through pioneering dental and orthodontic techniques to benefit our patients, and word-of-mouth from our patients praising their experience with us. You can expect that same exceptional care on your visit, as well. Come by our Dallas or Rockwall office and see the difference!

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Woodhill Dental Specialties in Dallas, TX

We've been serving the Dallas, TX, area for more than 70 years! Over the years, we have pioneered new techniques and technologies in dental and orthodontic care. Today, we still provide cutting-edge technology for both exceptional dental care as well as entertainment for our patients during treatment. Schedule an appointment today!

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Woodhill Dental Specialties in Rockwall, TX

Our newest office opened in September 2020, bringing the same cutting-edge technology and professional, friendly oral care to the Rockwall area. You can expect the same exemplary service as you would find in our Dallas office. Stop in and see for yourself!

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