Orthodontic Services


Woodhill Dental Specialties provides orthodontic services to adults, children, and teens in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Call us at 214-691-1172 to learn more about our orthodontic services, schedule an appointment, or set up a tour of our office. 

Orthodontic services can make a big difference in how your teeth look and function. It can straighten teeth, close gaps, and fix the alignment. Not only do teeth look better, but orthodontics can help correct bite problems and jaw abnormalities. At Woodhill Dental Specialties, our team provides expert orthodontic care in addition to our other dental services.

Orthodontic Treatment Services

Woodhill Dental Specialities offers a wide range of orthodontic services to meet most patient needs. We provide services to children, teens, and adults. Our services include: 

  • Suresmile® 
  • Clear or Metal braces
  • Lingual braces (placed behind the teeth)
  • Clear Aligners
  • Retainers
  • Appliances for younger patients with a mix of primary and permanent teeth

If you need an orthodontic service not listed, it’s likely that we’ll still be able to create an individualized treatment plan. Please schedule an orthodontic consultation to discuss your specific needs.

Quick Treatment

We focus on treatments that provide the quickest and most effective results to our patients. We know that nobody wants to wear braces forever. We utilize the latest technologies and best practices to tailor our treatment plans to get faster results. The idea for less treatment time is planning and focused treatment.

Easy to Schedule Appointments

We strive to make scheduling appointments as convenient as possible. We have availability for appointments throughout the day, but the early mornings and late afternoons are reserved for shorter appointments to maximize the number of patients we can see before or after school and work.  This minimizes the amount of time that you’ll need to take off from work, school, or other activities to make it to appointments. Appointments are generally scheduled 6-8 weeks apart to properly to monitor treatment progress.

Separate Adult Treatment Room

Woodhill Dental Specialties is well known in the community for its pediatric dental services. However, we also provide orthodontic services to adults. To make adults and kids more comfortable, we have a separate adult-only treatment room. Adult braces now account for about 25% of all orthodontic treatment.

Comfortable Office

We strive to maintain a clean, comfortable, and fun office for all of our patients. This includes having video games in the waiting area, books, and games. For families of multiple children, waiting for a child’s orthodontics appointment to finish is less stressful when there’s plenty of entertainment for the other kids.

Call Woodhill Dental Specialties at 214-691-1172 to schedule an orthodontics appointment with our experienced dental team. Our comfortable office, convenient location, and friendly staff can make the process of getting the orthodontic care you need easier.