Build a Beautiful Smile with Your Orthodontist in Dallas, Texas

The very best part of having braces is the day when you get to take them off.

A beautiful, healthy smile is waiting for you, and throughout your treatment, we do everything we can to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Still, nothing can quite beat the feeling you get the day you get to see the results for yourself.

At Woodhill Dental Specialties, we work hard to provide individualized orthodontic care while maintaining a fun, light-hearted atmosphere in the office.

We make sure that you always understand your treatment options and what will lead to the most beneficial outcomes because we believe that the best results always come from working together with our patients as a team: the orthodontist (Dr. Jeffrey Johnson), his staff, and you. In other words, while we strive to keep ourselves on the cutting edge of technology so we can always deliver optimal care in the shortest time possible, we also want you to have some input about the appearance of your smile.

We offer both adult and pediatric orthodontic services here in Dallas, so we help multiple members of your family achieve the smile they’ve always wanted.

For more information about our orthodontics and what to expect on the first visit, contact us today and set up an appointment.