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Woodhill Dental Specialties has been providing board-certified, pediatric dental health care to the children of Dallas/Fort Worth since 1949. Centrally located, serving the Park Cities, Preston Hollow, Lakewood, Lake Highlands, M-Streets, Richardson and surrounding areas. 

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Variety of Pediatric Oral Health Services

Maintaining healthy teeth is critical for kids. While baby teeth eventually fall out to be replaced by adult teeth, the quality of dental care and the habits formed during childhood have a significant impact on a child’s overall health. Scheduling regular dental examinations (every 6 months), dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, and providing preventative oral health care like dental sealants can prevent future dental health issues as children grow.

Woodhill Dental Specialties offers a wide variety of pediatric dental services that meet all of your pediatric dentistry needs. This includes: 

  •  Pediatric dental examinations, dental cleanings
  • Orthodontic evaluation and treatment
  • Fluoride treatments and therapies
  • Pediatric restorative dental care (fillings, crowns, extractions)
  • Referral to a wide-network of specialists and general dentists for dental issues outside the scope of our care.

Comfortable Traditional Private Practice Setting

There is no reason why your kids need to fear the dentist. Our fun and comfortable office has been designed with kids in mind. This includes our waiting area that features large stuffed animals, books, toys, and state of the art digital entertainment. Whether you arrive early for your child’s appointment or have other kids to keep entertained during another child’s dental cleaning, our office takes the pressure off of you to keep children engaged. There is even a wide range of magazines and a coffee bar for the adults too.

Highly-Trained Experienced Staff

We know that every child is precious. As a pediatric dental practice, Woodhill Dental Specialties is committed to providing the highest level of quality care for our patients. Our doctors, hygienists, assistants, and office staff continue their education to keep up with the latest treatments and technology in pediatric dentistry. We attend conferences, read industry publications, and attend additional training so that we can provide the highest level of dental care to our patients of all ages. Our staff has been with us much longer than the industry averages(most for 10+ years, some as long as 30+ years), so rest assured you will always see the same smiling faces when you return.

Overcoming Kids’ Fears

We endeavor to make each visit a positive experience for your child. We understand that your child may be apprehensive. We will leave no stone unturned to alleviate that feeling by providing a nurturing and caring environment. Our biggest compliment is that most children can’t wait to come back to see us the next time!

Relationship-Based Care

Establishing lasting relationships with our patient families based on mutual trust is extremely important to us. We realize that caring for your child is both an honor and a privilege. We appreciate your trust and confidence in our office to meet your expectations and your child’s needs. We strive to create long lasting relationships with our patients to better monitor their dental health and provide a higher level of care.

It is important to have a pediatric dentist that your family can trust for every dental need. Woodhill Dental Specialties has more than 70 years of experience in pediatric dentistry and orthodontics and we know what it takes to treat our patients with the highest level of care. 

Call us at (214) 691-1172 to learn more about our practice, schedule an office tour or to schedule an appointment.

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