Why We Offer Tailored Financial Solutions for Dental and Orthodontic Care

Woodhill Dental Specialties10/01/21

One of the most important things for us before we ever initiate any treatment is this: We want the parent to be comfortable with what we want to accomplish. We believe strongly that comfort begins with communication. It's why we do complimentary exams, even for our young dental patients. Having the parent come in and talk to us, to see you and hear what your concerns are about your teeth or your child's teeth — that helps us show you where you're at and where you can go.

Frankly, we’re not here to sell you anything. As your provider, we think it's our job to show you the pros and cons of treatment. Sometimes, treatment isn't even needed. And we think it’s equally important for us to tailor a financial solution that fits you and your family, as much as it does to tailor a treatment plan that fits you.

What to Expect at Your Complimentary Exam

Before we ever start any kind of treatment, our first priority is that the parent feels comfortable. Here's what that looks like. First, you'll come in and talk with a doctor, share your concerns, and then we'll do the clinical part of the exam. Once we have an understanding of where you are, what the issues are, then we'll sit down and talk about the next steps. From there, we'll talk through the treatment we recommend. We'll review the pros and cons of starting treatment now or waiting. It may be that we don't need to do any treatment in this case. First, we'll review all of your options, and then we'll talk through what to expect to accomplish those goals. Part of making sure the parent is comfortable means communicating clearly what to expect going forward. You shouldn't have to worry about whether you’ll encounter hidden fees or last-minute add-ons. At Woodhill Dental Specialties, you'll know what to expect every step of the way. We will never move forward on treatment we don’t feel you need. You can always count on us to be straightforward with you.

Financing Options

Your oral health is essential, and we work hard to make sure a parent's budget isn't the thing that holds them back from getting the best care. That’s why we offer several financing options.

So we give $300 discounts for those orthodontic patients whose family member is also a patient. It’s one way we try to ease your family’s financial burden. We also work with you on insurance claims, and we even accept CareCredit payment plans. We want to ease your mind with financing solutions that work for you. Your child’s oral health is an investment in their future, and we want to help however we can.

“Our goal when you start treatment in our office is to provide the highest level of care that we can possibly provide.”

Dr. Johnson

However you choose to pay, you can expect quality dental and orthodontic care in an entertaining, educational, energetic environment. We want our patients to enjoy their time with us, so you’ll find a relaxed, fun atmosphere here. We want to see you smile!

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